Rust: If You Get Stuck

If you get stuck trying to pick up Rust, reach out. The Rust Community has many good resources, and is the least toxic development community I’ve ever seen, but you’re always free to contact me for any question–the only way I’m going to get any better is to move on from the “see one, do one” and into the “teach one” world. Hit me up on Twitter @csfinn, or work if you’re from there.

I’m close to going all in on Github; the community seems more interesting and plays to my better nature, rather than against it. I’ve been spending a bit of time watching various creative channels, and I am starting to think that the only way out of this attention deficit mess that click-for-eyeballs social media has created is to primarily communicate through published works and mediated interaction (queues). Longer poston this topic in the works. The basic idea is to create a “creative API” that boxes input and output in a way that encourages creativity while deterring distraction and non-productive behaviors on either side of the transaction. More later.

Wa-Tor: Rust

Just posted a couple of new repositories today in anticipation of tomorrow’s tech talk at work. They include:

You can mess around with the WebAssembly version here: Rust, WebAssembly and Wa-Tor

More details in the project READMEs; finishing up the talk tonight, and hoping to have links to the text, presentation and maybe even the video later.

Fun times.

Getting Started

I write a lot, but publish little that goes beyond a small circle of co-workers and family. This blog is a start at publishing more, on a platform that isn’t corporate-owned or driven by generating advertising revenue for social media behemoths.

I have some general ideas of what I’ll be writing about. Although there’s nothing currently in the queue, you might be able to get a taste by checking out my now page.